Leverage the power of AI
with NeuralDesktop

A customizable, domain-aware and user-configurable Neural Machine Translation system for Windows and Mac. Use NeuralDesktop to boost your productivity without worrying about privacy issues – everything runs locally, on your own computer!

Why NeuralDesktop

NeuralDesktop offers full control, ultimate privacy, and unparalleled accuracy. You can adapt and fine-tune the engine, connect it to text processing applications and CAT tools, or use it with any desktop or web application through the system’s Clipboard. 

Ultimate Data Privacy

Runs locally as a system service on your own Windows or Mac computer. There is no interaction or data exchange with any external services.

State of the Art Technology

Both the translation engine and the translation models are incorporating all the latest advancements in Neural Machine Translation, offering accurate, fluent, and adaptable translations.


Tell NeuralDesktop what you translate and how you want it to translate: choose from multiple domains, add dictionaries and translation memories, and more.


NeuralDesktop does not get in your way. It lives happily in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (macOS), ready to serve translations whenever you need.

State of the art NMT technology in an intuitive offering

NeuralDesktop puts the power of AI and neural networks into the hands of the user. Designed to meet the needs of professional translators, it offers extensive control, true privacy, and a plethora of advanced features. 

Freelance Translators

NeuralDesktop is the perfect productivity tool for freelance translators as it offers true data privacy, with no data exchanges outside their computer.

Small offices and LSPs

Our soon to be released LAN and networked version of NeuralDesktop will offer a flexible and hassle-free setup for a team setting.

Individuals and Companies

NeuralDesktop is a Neural Machine Translation system that can be used by anyone who wants accurate, fast, and truly private translations.

Advanced features, easily accessible

NeuralDesktop allows for an incredible amount of adaptation and customization. Users can attach translation memories, glossaries, and fine-tune the engine itself to control the translation output.

Model Management Image

Model Management

Use our pretrained models, or let us train your fully customized model with your own corpus. All models are multi-client and multi-domain, so you can have absolute control over the terminology and style.

Translation Engine Image

Translation Engine

NeuralDesktop is the only Neural Machine Translation system that allows the user to fine-tune and customize the translation engine itself in real-time – and see how every change affects the translation output by typing sample text in a dedicated test area!

User Dictionary Image

User Dictionaries

Further customize the engine with your own dictionaries or termbases. Add existing dictionaries in plain text file format or create new ones, add, remove or edit entries, all from within NeuralDesktop.

What our Clients are Saying

NeuralDesktop is being used by professionals in real translation jobs. Here’s what our happy clients say about it.

Boost your productivity with 
Neural Machine Translation

The benefits of AI and neural networks for the translation industry are undeniable. And now, with NeuralDesktop, it’s the perfect time to embrace this technology and speed up your work.

Unprecedented levels of fluency

NMT delivers fluent, high quality translations with perfect syntax.

Increased productivity

Put NMT to work to deliver higher volumes of translated content, without compromises in quality.

Small footprint

You no longer need large, expensive infrastructures to run Neural Networks. With NeuralDesktop, you can turn your PC or Mac into an AI powerhouse.

About us

NeuralDesktop is developed and offered by Laratech Ltd, a company founded for the sole purpose to offer state of the art and user-friendly AI-powered language technology solutions.

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